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Light Steel Fabrication Division

pole-04The Light Steel Fabrication Division manufactures and supplies a wide variety of steel fabricated components for a variety of industries


The Light Steel Fabrication Division manufactures and supplies components that can be integrated into a multitude of industries and contexts. These industries include mining, civil, power, telecommunications and transport.

George Stott has the following facilities under the Light Steel Fabrication division:

  • Cutting and Cropping of Steel
  • Multi-spindle Drills
  • Welding
  • Bending of Plate, Tubular and Structural Sections
  • Thread Rolling and Cutting
  • Horizontal Upset Forging
  • Drop Forging

An important aspect to consider is the equipment required to ensure the efficiency of productivity for clients. These tools include Jigs, Fixtures, Press tools as well as Progression tooling.
Light Steel Fabrication will remain competitive due to the structural value-adding activities which tend to move away from the commodity model.  Not only do the steel fabrication capabilities provide structural advantages, it also enhances the aesthetic appeal of any component.
George Stott emphasizes the importance of high quality design and manufacturing alongside affordability, flexibility and durability.  Additional components include stay rods, bracing straps, suspension hooks as well as crimpling pliers and copper crimpling sleeves.
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